A Better Way to Share Sensitive Data

We make healthcare data move faster without compromising security or compliance so you can collaborate with partners without losing control.

Why It Matters

Data Security & Sharing Made Easy

Are you tired of the slow, clunky speed of healthcare data? The Abada Health VAULT lets institutions anonymize data, move it to the cloud and deploy it on projects safely and quickly. No more waiting for complicated transfers from EMR to client-side or worrying about what happens when it leaves your walls. By selectively and securely moving smaller chunks of data, Abada Health VAULT turns BIG DATA into FAST DATA. You never lose control of your data, and partners see only the data you want them to at the right time and right place. 


Collaborate Without Losing Control

Abada Health’s VAULT is a HIPAA-compliant, fully secure cloud-based data environment for health institutions seeking to share and work with patient data in a controlled, patient-focused way with privacy-preserving encryption.

Store and Encrypt

Import and encrypt your data into our secure and compliant cloud environment with full user access control.

Share Securely

Control partner access to the deidentified data and collaborate with confidence in realtime.

Build Off Your Data

Conduct research, build applications and even enable AI and data science processes and outcome.

Case Study

Data Sharing For Covid Response

When vaccines became available in 2021, the provider community in Kansas City didn’t have the infrastructure to share HIPAA-protected data. This was essential for the purposes of distributing vaccines to the community as they arrived, including tracking interest, continuing testing, and delivering the multiple-dose vax. Abada Health helped 5 health departments, 2 hospitals and 2 nonprofits host their HIPAA protected data in the cloud and talk to each other using deidentified records so they could establish continuity of work, dedupe records, fix 2nd dose mismatching, and route patients to right jurisdictions. Ultimately we moved 250,000 records, making it easier, faster, more efficient and more affordable than solutions offered by the state or large established vendors.

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How We Can Help You

Industry-Leading Compliance, Security & Privacy

Patient privacy cannot be left to chance. Many solutions claim to be HIPAA compliant and secure but can’t back it up while also facilitating the movement of data. Ours does this, and more.

24/7 Control of Your Data

Even while sharing data with partners, user management and access control functions prevent unwanted access of data. We automatically encrypt data at rest and in transit, and it comes with 100% uptime so you are never without access.

Enable NextGen Health Innovation

Data accessibility without security risk is the lifeblood of innovation in healthcare. It has always been out of reach – until now. We provide the data backbone for AI analytics, edge computing and more.


The Buzz About Abada Health

Abada (formerly Helix) Health & BioNexusKC Team to Fight Covid-19

August 19, 2020: BioNexus KC has been awarded a $42,900 grant from the Health Forward Foundation to collaborate with Samuel U. Rodgers and Abada Health in using advanced data analytics to improve outcomes of patients who are at increased risk of COVID-19 complications due to underlying chronic conditions and socioeconomic disparities. Read More

Abada Health Wins 3rd in AWS/US Ignite Competition

September 19, 2019: Abada Health (formerly Helix Health) was given the bronze in a pitch competition hosted by Amazon Web Services and U.S. Ignite at the AWS headquarters in Washington D.C. Read more



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